I'm a wife, a mother of two beautiful children and a cancer survivor.  We are homeschoolers and spend our days exploring and learning.  I've been a photographer since I discovered it in college, but really became passionate about it after having my children.  I learned how important it is to capture the true moments of their little lives that were flying by me.  I turned this passion into a business and now I can capture your moments in the same way I do my own.

My goal with every session is to capture you and your family looking natural...the true you, not some posed, awkward version of you. That means we will have fun! I want my clients to leave feeling that they not only had a great time, but that some wonderful moments and memories were captured in the process.  I am very laid back and my sessions reflect that. 

I'm outgoing and shy all at the same time. I will most likely do something to embarrass myself while I am photographing you.  I love the beach, I love sipping coffee on my balcony, and I love my Savior.  I love my children's laughter and the sun on my face.  I love when clients turn into friends.  I'm pretty much an open book, so feel free to check out my blog if you are still wanting to know more about me!

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